Friday, March 28, 2008

me & mum

This is Braiden with his mother joy.He absolutely loves her,this pic was taken on holidays a couple of weeks ago on white haven beach in the Whitsundays.We all had a great time,especially the kids.We also took my sister in-law who is visiting from the Philippines.It was the first time for her to visit this part of the world,however my kids are spoiled,this is there third time there.

Actually I really like taking the family there,its so relaxing and the views all around the islands are great.Braiden was actually swimming by himself in the pool without his floatation vest,it was so exciting for his mother and myself to see this,considering his never had lessons.

Obviously he wasn't at Olympic standards,but it was good enough for us,and he was also excited to be able to swim unassisted.It goes to show that he really does mimic what he sees.He had seen us swimming on the past vacations we had taken,and he got the confidence to try it himself,just by copying what he saw.

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