Monday, April 14, 2008

fishing at kangaroo valley

This is a couple of pics of braiden trying to fish.Unfortunately he doesn't have much patience,so when he casts out the line,with help from me or mum,he straight away attempts to reel in the line.This is good news for the fish,unless they are really stupid or hungry it is almost impossible for him to catch a fish.but no matter how many times we explain this to braiden he doesn't quite seem to grasp the finer points of the art of angling.It doesn't matter,he loves reeling the line in,just like he sees on his favourite cartoon shows.

God forbid he ever actually catches something,I would love to see the expression on his face,I'll keep the camera handy in future,it would be a great moment for him.

We took these pics at a place called Kangaroo valley,in the southern highlands of N.S.W.He loves going there,lots of things to do,lots of area just to run around and kick the ball etc..He is always tired after we've visited here.He also loves the drive down there,you must wind down these tight and steep roads to get there.All you can hear from the back seats is the kids making funny noises as though there going on a slippery dip.This is one of our favourite spots to bring the kids for a picnic or B.B.Q.

If your ever around these neck of the woods you should take time to have a look...absolutely beautiful

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